9:00 - 15:00 Minimun 2 people Pickup Service

Why don't you walk in the winter forest wearing snowshoes?

The mountains of the north Nagano, a heavy snowfall area, are covered with deep snow during the winter. The pond freezes, all the shrubs are buried under the snow, and the trees wear beautiful white robes. The sound of footsteps and breathing of ourselves as we step on the snow in silence, and the footprints of rabbits and foxes that remain on the snow surface. In winter, when bushes are covered with snow, you can freely walk around the forest, and you can also get to the forest of giant trees, which can only be reached during this time. Let's walk around the forest around the precincts of Togakushi Shrine surrounded by pure white snow, make a table with snow and enjoy delicious freshly brewed coffee!

The winter forest is full of fun

When you hear the word "winter forest", you would imagine all the leaves of the trees fall may feel lonely. But that's not the case. There are many surprises and discoveries in the winter forest, such as chasing the footprints of animals, enjoying the snow art created by the wind, and observing winter buds!

Beginners,kids and everybody are welcome

Unlike skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing is a very familiar sport that anyone can enjoy from the moment they wear it. The pleasure of trampling on fresh snow and going on a pathless snow ground will surely be addictive.

Present photos of your tour memories!

Your guide will take pictures of you during the hike and give them as a memory of your trip after the tour. (Only for those who wish)

We also accept requests for tour locations

The regular snow shoe tour will be decided based on the conditions of the day, mainly around Togakushi Shrine and Mt. Madarao, as well as the mountains of Kita Shinetsu such as Mt. Nabekura, Mt. Kurohime, and Mt. Myoko. If you have a request, we will consider it, so please feel free to contact us.

Tour Details
  • Minimum number of people: 2 (If you want to attend the tour even only yourself, it can be held for 19000 yen)
  • Maximum number of participants: 8
  • 40,000 yen for groups of 5 to 8 people
  • What to bring: Winter clothes(Water Proof Outer-shell, insulation wear), Winter Boots, Winter Gloves, Beanie, Sunglasses, drinks, small backpack, etc
  • The above fee includes guide fee and travel insurance fee and rental equipments (Snowshoes and poles)

Trip Itinerary

Meeting place: Kurohime Station etc. Please contact us for more details

8:30 AM - Meet
Meet at Kurohime station. Take the shuttle car to the tour start point.
9:15 AM - Tour Start
Start walking around the Togakushi Forest Botanical Garden. Will start with a lecture on how to wear snowshoes and how to use poles.
10:45 AM - Kagami ike pond
A beautiful mirror pond turns into a vast snowfield during the winter. Walk on the frozen pond and enjoy the panoramic view of the Togakushi mountain range. (Depending on the condition of the ice)
12:15 PM Lunch at soba restaurant
For lunch, head to the soba restaurant near the entrance of the shrine.
13:30 PM Okusha cedar tree-lined walk
The 400-year-old cedar avenue covered with snow is fantastic and stunning.
15:00 PM Tour Finish
Return to the parking lot and the tour is over! Take the shuttle car back to Kurohime Station.

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Half Day Snowshoe Hiking Tour in Madarao

Put on your snowshoes and head to the beautiful forest of Togakushi

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