about us

My name is Kouhei Nishida, a founder of SHINANO DISCOVERY.

I moved here Shinano town in 2016 because I was totally enchanted by the beautiful nature of Shinano such as the Lake Nojiri and lots of beautiful mountains and forests around here.

There are many fields where you can enjoy various activities throughout the four seasons, making it the paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hundreds of years old natural forests of beeches and oaks remain, a deep history derived from mountain worship, beautiful Lake Nojiri where fossils of Naumann elephant are excavated, nostalgic satoyama scenery… It is full of places and things that I want people to see, know and experience.

So I started the guided tours such as hiking tours, old pilgrimage trail walking tours, E-Bike Satoyama cycling tours , snowshoeing tours and so on in here in Shinano town to have our guests real and deeper experience.

Let’s enjoy a special outdoor and local cultural experience together!

The staff

Kouhei Nishida   , CEO, Chief Guide

*National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter

*JMGA Trekking Guide Stage Ⅱ,  Ski Guide Stage Ⅰ

*National Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor

*Shinano Town’s certified Forest Therapy Guide

*JAN Avalanche Operations Level 1

The base of Shinano Discovery is a 90-year-old traditional house located in a small village between Mt. Madarao and Lake Nojiri.

Picking the wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots from the mountain behind, cooking them into hotpot by using traditional Japanese hearth “Irori”.

Here you will find the real fun and happiness of living in the countryside.

Our Services

Guided Tours

Various tours are held throughout the four seasons, such as hiking, walking on pilgrimage trail, E-MTB cycling, and snowshoeing tours. Custom-made tours are also available to suit your needs.

B to B

As a mountain trekking guide and a licensed English translator guide, we subcontract with domestic and overseas travel agencies, regional DMOs, etc.

Tourism Promotion Support

We provide inbound promotion support services for local governments and regional DMOs.  ex. Posting information and articles in English on Social Media. Negotiation with overseas travel agencies. Conducting monitor tours for travel agencies.